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Gravity Entertainment, Inc was formed in July 1998 to develop a vertically integrated Global Entertainment company centered around the development of the largest independent movie and television production studio.

Gravity Entertainment is a company that produces feature films and television programs but will also own and operate studio facilities and back-lot real estate similar to those of the major Hollywood studios.
The company’s operating strategy is to develop a full service production studio “Gravity Studios” will be located in Miami, Florida as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the operating company. Gravity Entertainment, Inc. The company also intends to enter into the strategic acquisition of mature companies that are involved in all key aspects of the entertainment industry. In addition, the company is developing subsidiaries that will produce motion pictures, television series, commercials, music, and internet programming, and will arrange for the foreign and domestic distribution of our films and syndicate our television programming.

A muse production ("Virgin Suicides"), American Psycho""Buffalo Sixty-Six") in association with Gravity Entertainment "Bully" is a movie that was produced at Gravity Studios and has been released World Wide. The movie is directed by Larry Clark

( Kids).


The film is a true story that took place in the rural community of Hollywood Florida in the early 1990's. It tells the story of several high school teenagers from middle class families who set out and accomplish a horrifying act of revenge by plotting and killing their high school bully. the movie stars Bijou Phillips and Brad Renfro ("The Client").


"Norm Crosby Celebrity Golf Challenge" is a sport/celebrity program that will be broadcast on weekends. with the optimum being afternoons between 4 and 6, or mornings between 9 and 12 when most weekend TV viewers are watching their televisions. The show is hosted by well know celebrity, Norm Crosby and is formatted to play a four hole celebrity round of golf with two celebrities and two contestants playing each week on a exclusive golf course for cash and prizes for the contestants and charity donations for the celebrity. Each week Norm will put both the contestants and the celebrities to the challenge to  team up for a fun filled hour of golf, antics and fun for the viewers to root on their favorite celebrity and contestant.

 Melina Gets Green Light.........................

"The Suitor"  ( TELEVISION)


A growing audience and need for programming has generated "MELINA" in daytime for Spanish audience. Veteran television producer Harris Salomon and Steven Gagnon have formed an alliance to co-produce the Spanish-Language strip to be geared to young females, demo's in the industry's faster-growing market. Spanish-language television, Melina, a 23 year old Latin Pop singer, will tape the potential series in Miami.




Project Summary

Based on a story by  noted Dominican author Julia Alvarez. THE SUITOR is  the first episode in a new series for PBS. American Voices.

THE SUITOR has been financed by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Film will incorporate both Spanish and English, and provide a unique look at Dominican Society. Extremely close attention has been paid to ensure that the Dominican elements of the story are accurately recreated in Florida.

Suitor has been released for National TV on PBS

                                              NEW RELEASE.....................................

            COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU...............SAVED


                                          Saved will be released in November 2003 on East Coast  of the USA


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